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AC3 Locations of Lucid Memory Artefact

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AC3 Locations of Lucid Memory Artefact

Find out where the Lucid Memory Artefact are located and what each represents.

Posted by el_marine1Member Rating: Bounty Hunter on Thu, Feb 21 2013 at 04:39pm

Locations of Lucid Memory Artefact

Throughout the chapter called Justice Served you will run into a weird looking icon. At any time, or after you have completed the rest of the DLC, go back to that icon to find your first of four Lucid Memory Artefact.

Lucid Artefact Memory 1: Connor kills Charles Lee

The first one is located at the mid right of the map and it is inside a torn down building on top of a table with a bottle. The mirage that it displays is actually from the last sequence of the Story Mode of Assassin's Creed 3 where Connor walks into a tavern and finds Charles Lee and stabs him with the hidden blade.  

Lucid Artefact Memory 2: Connor warns Washington about the Templars

The second one is located midway of the map on the left side. Be careful because it is inside a fort and things  can get ugly if you misbehave.  It is inside a tent and it's a document on a table. The mirage is of Connor when he tells Washington that if he doesn't fight the Templars that he will be overthrown. 

Lucid Artefact Memory 3: Young Connor with Mother Earth

The third one is at the top right of the map laying on the ground near the shore. You will see the scene where young Connor is talking to Mother Earth about the Apple of Eden.  

Lucid Artefact Memory 4: Cinematic scene between Connor and Washington

Once you have found all three you will see an additional memory icon of a red Assassin. It is located at the bottom right of the map and it's inside a cave. At the end of the cave you will see a holographic version of Connor standing. This memory fragment is a bit different as we see Connor sitting down in front of a campfire and Washington on a horse as he stops to look at Connor.  Than we see "flybys" of soldiers on horses and Connor gives a facial expression as of focusing his sight on Washington!

Good luck and until next DLC, Assassins!

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AC3 Locations of Lucid Memory Artefact  

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