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AC3 The Tyranny of George Washington Guide Justice Served

Article Rating: 10 / 10

AC3 The Tyranny of George Washington Guide Justice Served

It's time to fulfill Oia:ner's death wish but... are you ready for the surprise?

Posted by el_marine1Member Rating: Bounty Hunter on Thu, Feb 21 2013 at 09:44am

Ep. 1 The Infamy - Justice Served

So now that we have eavesdrop [momma told me it's rude to eavesdrop... barely listened to my momma anyways!], we have all the information we need to find Arnold and fulfill Oia:ner's death wish which is to kill him. Also, since we were so nice to free the slaves, one of the occupants has given us detailed information about the fort where Arnold stays. Once again we will need to use our special abilities but this time we have a hindrace... the dogs. The dogs can bark and reveal your position. There are two ways to get rid of them. One is to kill them but this may endanger your position and reveal, therefore it will desynchronize you. The other option is to feed them bait. I strongly suggest you go into your item menu and assign your Wolf Cloak to one  directional button and also assign the bait to another directional button. This way, all you have to do to switch from one to another is simply press the corresponding direction. Alright Assassins, let's move on!

Objective 1: Infiltrate Valley  Forge and Locate Israel Putnam.

Your best bet is to go from bush to bush using your Wolf Cloak ability. Try to avoid all the dogs. If you hear barking, immediately drop some bait on the ground and move on. When you are near your target, use you Eagle Vision to find a golden glowing target. Once you find him, go near hem to initiate a cinematic scene. 

Objective 2:  Tail Putnam to Benedict Arnold.

It's moments like these when you remember all the tailing you did in all the previous Assassin's Creed version and wish you then had the ability of the Wolf Cloak. So yes, the tailing method now changes. Once again, use your Wolf Cloak and run from bush to bush. It's okay if you run past Putnam as long as he doesn't see you. Don't forget to deactivate your  Wolf Cloak while you crouch in the bushes to regenerate your health. 

Objective 3: Create a distraction by freeing the bear.
Optional Objective: Free the bear without killing or alerting the guards.

Not a big deal, gamers. Just go around to the rear side of the cage and walk towards the door as close to the cage as possible. 

Objective 4: Leave the area before the bear gets out.

Run, Forest, run! You have 20 seconds before that beast gets out. Just run away like a cookie from the Cookie Monster! 

Objective 5: Locate and assassinate Benedict Arnold.
Optional Objective: Stay undetected in the fort.

Once again, the same method. Use your Wolf Cloak and run from bush to bush or haystacks. Once you have located Benedict Arnold, go assassinate him. Listen carefully because the conversation they have is as confusing as Lady Gaga's sexuality. 

Good luck and until next DLC, Assassins!

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AC3 The Tyranny of George Washington Guide Justice Served HD 

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