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AC3 The Tyranny of George Washington Guide Path Of Revenge

Article Rating: 10 / 10

AC3 The Tyranny of George Washington Guide Path Of Revenge

The fun starts. It is crucial to combine your special abilities and trust me in the strategy part.

Posted by el_marine1Member Rating: Bounty Hunter on Thu, Feb 21 2013 at 08:57am

Ep. 1 The Infamy - Path Of Revenge

The Bluecoats followed your path to the hidden place.  Kahionhatenion and Teiowi:sonte have fought well but not well enough and they are now dead. Oia:ner, the Clan Mother is at her last breath but she with enough strength to give her last will to 

Ratonhnhak√ɬ©:ton. She said; "Kill Arnold.... then kill Washington". 

For this part of the episode you will need to combine all your new abilities to complete at 100% synchronized. I will [personally] admit that it isn't an easy task. However, if the text guide isn't good enough you can always watch how I managed to complete at 100% in the video at the end of this article. 

Above all, you will need a lot of patient and use of strategy. Stealthiness plays the biggest part in this final part of the episode.  Good luck!

Objective 1: Investigate the Bluecoat's Camp for clues to Arnold's location

Not a big deal here, gamers. Simply look for the yellow objective icon in your map and go towards it. The fun starts afterwards.  

Objective 2:  Eavesdrop on the soldiers
Optional Objective 1: Use no stalking bushes during the eavesdrop

* In order to assassinate using the Wolf Cloak and remain undetected, you must use your fists and not a weapon.
* Use of your ability Wolf Cloak will lower your health and even kill you.
* Bushes, haystacks and wells will help you recuperate your health.
* Your ability Wolf Pack (three wolves attack) will only kill three at a time and has a recuperation time before it can be used again.

As I mentioned, this is where the fun starts. It is crucial to make use of combinations of your special abilities and trust me in the strategy part. As you may see in the video at the bottom of this article, what I do as a strategy plan is to eliminate all the soldiers before I begin the eavesdrop. Also, you will see me hiding the dead bodies. There are logic explanations for this strategy. The optional objective says to not use the stalking bushes during the eavesdrop. In order to freely eavesdrop without the use of the bushes, it is primordial to get rid of anything that would give you away. The reason I hid the bodies is because if the targets sees dead bodies all over the place, you may get desynchronized. 

Once you have eliminated and hid all the bodies, it is time to enter the eavesdrop circle. You can stay behind them without the need to hide as long as they are not looking. You can use the haystack and the well to hide, as well as your Wolf Cloak. To complete the optional objective, you must NOT go anywhere near the bushes. Even walking through them will cause you to not get the optional objective. 

As said, a lot of patience and good luck.

Objective 3: Attack the convoy and free the captives

Waste no time, Assassin. Head straight to the convoy and free the slaves. 

Good luck!

Previous Mission                                                                                Next Mission

AC3 The Tyranny of George Washington Guide Path Of Revenge HD 

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