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Nintendo's Duck Hunt - Still the Best Gaming with a Gun

Article Rating: 10 / 10

Nintendo's Duck Hunt - Still the Best Gaming with a Gun

I wonder when we will see a true classic gun wielding game like Duck Hunt that had hours of unimaginable fun. I don't mean deep and immersive play. I mean simple yet addictive play that just works.

Posted by DBLDeathDealerMember Rating: Godmode on Thu, Jan 12 2012 at 10:26pm

I know this article shows my age but that is understandable.  Some of you reading this never had the pleasure of playing this state of the art game in the 80's.  It has has been over 20 years since I played a game with a plastic gun that was fun.  Duck Hunt was what started my love for the Nintendo and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  It was also the game that sealed my love for gaming. Duck Hunt created something unique in the Light Gun that you could use to shoot the ducks.  It was both intriguing and fulfilling to shoot ducks from the sky as your trusty dog side kick (Blue I called him) scared the birds so you could pick them from the sky.

Duck Hunt supported three different game modes.  In one of the games you had three shots against one duck.  To advance, you would focus in on shooting down at least six out of ten ducks.  As you progress though this mode the ducks got faster and your shoulder got lazier.  This would continue until you failed to shoot six out of the ten ducks during that round.

The next mode was similar to the first except you would have two ducks at once.  Did you get the luxury of more bullets? Nope, but you did get the increase in birds and frustration as your lucky sidekick Blue laughed at you for being a non-shooting, cramped up and irritated gamer.  This just made the intensity a bit more and the fun that much better.

Additionally, you had a different game mode which offered you the ability to have clay pigeons instead of acrobatic flying birds.  This mode also challenged your skill just a bit more as the pigeons were much smaller and you still only had three bullets to shoot two pigeons.  I spent the majority of my time in this round because my Light Gun had to be broken.  I could never get to the final round.

Finally, you had an addition that almost got me into multiple fights.  It was a multiplayer mode where a friend and you could join in on the match.  One player would get the Light Gun while the other player would plug in the NES gamepad and control the birds like a drunk driver.  This never went well and ultimately the gamepad controller user was getting kicked mid launch to ensure you could get some precision shots off.

I tell you all of this because I find myself wondering where the next great gaming gun game is.  I recently purchased a game I shall not mention, which I thought had promise.  I felt that trying a hunting game as I had so many years ago would be a great change of pace from the FPS and Strategy world.  I was wrong and wish that I never had done it.  The game turned out to be a flop and simply proved to me that Duck Hunt, my fondest gaming memory, will always be the only true game that got it.  Keep it simple and they will come.

Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and see what Nintendo did so well.

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