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Post 2.20.13 Playstation conference: The Controller

Article Rating: 10 / 10

Post 2.20.13 Playstation conference: The Controller

Take a look at this video from the controller for the new PS4.

Posted Wed, Feb 20 2013 at 09:25pm

Hey there FN!
So unless you have been hiding under a rock the last month, you know that earlier tonight (Wednesday) Sony planned on and did, make a huge announcement. Early reports were saying they were revealing the next PlayStation; there was even a leaked photo of the next controller which appeared to have some sort of touch pad "thing" on it.

If you are like most of people (or what I like to consider most), you either had just come home from work or were just descending to your dungeon in your mothers basement (kidding of course) to watch this amazing unveiling. I would love to place myself in the latter category but alas at 6pm EST I found myself scrambling around my classmates at ITT Tech forcing them to open the stream up. I was able to see about the first 5 minutes, without sound, before the teacher decided it was too much of a distraction. I did however have my Xoom with me, continuously refreshing my news app as the articles flooded in like a tsunami.

The leaked controller...was confirmed.

Now if any of you read my AC3/AC: Liberation article or just know me, you know I have a PSVita. You will also know that I love my Vita, so this controller is almost like old news to me. For those who hate PlayStation (why are you reading this?!), the Vita has a touchpad located across almost the entirety of the back of the system. From what I have seen, the touchpad was executed amazingly with the Vita and I do not doubt that will be replicated with the PS4.

Also found on the controller now is this "share" button and a headphone jack, which is for "enhanced social capabilities." Unless it has already been explained somewhere that I didn't see (remember I was stuck in class), one can only guess what this could mean. There appeared to be some streaming/recording capability that was spoken about for the PS4, so perhaps this is a shortcut button? And with the headphone jack, does this possibly mean PlayStation users will be seeing a "party chat function? That is one major thing noted when performing a comparison of the two online services (Live/PSN).

My one dislike of the controller: The triggers. I'm sorry, but I am hoping for the triggers to be improved on this controller because my fingers will constantly slip off the L2/R2 buttons. I might add this doesn't happen when I played my 360 (the 5 times I have).

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below! Or you are more than welcome to PM here on Fraggednation if you come across something you feel like sharing! I'm excited to see what Sony has in store, and especially the cross-capabilities with my lovely Vita!

Frag on!

Let us know your thoughts.

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