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Top 5 Steam Games Under $10

Article Rating: 10 / 10

Top 5 Steam Games Under $10

A list of good games for the budget gamer available on Steam

Posted by Cameron 'ViralayataneMember Rating: Honorable' Sanders on Fri, Nov 11 2011 at 07:36am

Show of hands, who here can't afford one of the big named releases this year?  Now, as I type the rest of this paragraph using only one hand, I can empathize with you.  It has always been expensive being a gamer, and the recent years haven't changed that.  If anything, the prices have gone up as the developers and publishers names get bigger.

There are a few companies out there that have been rather generous to us.  Alongside retail releases are a number of smaller, lesser known releases that go straight for the digital copy. Microsoft and Sony have made a killing with this with the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, but Valve is quickly standing on top as king with Steam.

Steam is a great program for the computer, with a wide network of people out there and an easy to manage filing system for all of those games.  Even better, their store is easy to navigate and with their almost constant stream of sales, it has never been easier on a person's budget.  All of their games can even be organized by price, and with over a thousand store items under ten dollars, it's nothing to sneeze at.

Being a budget gamer myself, I have dropped a large amount of money into Steam.  There are several games in my library that I keep returning to, most of which aren't even big names.  So I've decided to compile a list of Steam games that are prime choices for the budget gamer.  It will be in no particular order, but each title will have something in it that makes people keep coming back.  The only real common factor with all of these titles will be one thing.  Each one is less than ten dollars to pick up.

Top Five Steam Games

Number 1:  Audiosurf
I love this song!

Back in the days when music games were all the rage, this title came out.  It has a very simple gimmick of being able to plug in your own music and play the song.  The track laid before your tiny vehicle is based on the rhythm and tempo of the song you plugged in, with different songs giving different courses.  With only a score system and few achievements, it's a great arcade game to pick up.  And because of the way the levels are laid out, the background music never gets old.  Now, if you're colorblind or just plain don't like the colors of the blocks don't worry.  The makers of Audiosurf allow you to change all kinds of things, from the block colors to the background.

Number 2: Sanctum
Maze of DOOM!

Who has played a tower defense game?  Alright, now who has played a first person shooter?  Who has played both?  That last question is one only players of Sanctum can say yes to.  It takes place in a future time in future places where you are a soldier protecting your home town from aliens.  Simple story, with an amazingly addictive gameplay element.  You personally run around and set up towers that shoot at the enemy as they walk through.  They won't attack the towers so long as their is a path.  With proper planning, you can create a maze through the area and take shots at them with one of four weapons.  With an interrupt save function, you don't feel pressured to finish the levels all at once, and multiplayer allows for a wide variety of combinations.

Number 3:  Half-Life 2

Call him a nerd. I dare you.

There had to be an actual Valve title in here somewhere, right?  Well, it's earned it's spot, being widely proclaimed as one of the best games around.  With 39 Game of the Year awards when it was released, it's no wonder it's sold over 12 million copies.  And it's less than ten dollars?!  Now, that's the price for the game by itself, but there is the Orange Box to consider, which goes on sale frequently and includes this, two more episodes for it past the end of the game, and Portal.  Don't let that stop you from snagging a piece of Gordon Freeman by himself, though.  His crowbar won't let you down.

Number 4: Sega Genesis Classics

Personal favorite.

This one is tricky because there's not one, but four of these packages for sale on Steam.  Each one contains six or seven amazing classic Sega games.  From Sonic to Streets of Rage it's got a lot of the good ones.  Each game in the bundle is also a full length Sega game, which could keep you busy for weeks as you play and replay them simply because of how fun they are.  They even have gamepad options if you don't feel like using your keyboard to play.

Number 5:  Peggle Deluxe


I must confess I do not personally own this one on Steam.  Just every other gaming device that has it.  This game is fun and addictive, with a simple goal to hit all the orange pegs with a metal ball. I have never come across a game that knows how to make you feel like you've accomplished something as Peggle does whenever you beat a level.  Speaking of, there are a LOT of levels, and that's not including the expansion Peggle Nights, which has even more.   This fun and quirky game is made by the same people as Bejewelled and it's no surprise why PopCap is becoming well known for games like this.

This list obviously doesn't take into account sale prices and other things that effect the holiday season.  Don't think these are the only games to look out for.  Steam has a number of titles that go on sale regularly, and if even these are too expensive, just wait a couple weeks and you'll see every single price suddenly have an unexpected meeting with a chainsaw.

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