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Posted: Tue, Jan 29 2013 at 01:21pm
[Sir*] Anonymous Blog

My first clan was xPTo a horrible clan, followed by DUFF which was an extremely small and even less known clan in UC2. After a month or so in to UC3 I joined a "clan" called CoG>, which have played 1 clan battle from the beginning of time. A few months later I joined N!pL, a clan with me and a few friends, which I then left when I saw Sir* on owned. And when I joined I got to play more than 5 clan battles, just the first week. I thought it was the best thing that had ever happened to my uncharted carrer. Some time later GeckooGuy (the clan leader of Sir*) went for a vacation and Sir* became a trainwreck, to put it nicely. Me, together with GameSpotsNL and RejCZE left and created Am, BTSS, and some other clans which where just the same clans but with different names. Sir* was later re-created and almost back to normal. Then I realized most people in the community were try-hards and only blindfired or used other things that made me want to hit them in the face. I decided UC3 was dead to me. I left Sir* and went back to UC2. This lasted for a whole MONTH! Yeah, I realized UC2 was kinda the same as UC3, just with out friends, so I got back to UC3 but still refused to get into any clan because I thought that it was just a waste of time and I didn't really have time for my actual life and then last week I decided I wanted it all back. Now I'm trying to get back into the Sir*'s again and if the decline me I won't join any other clan if I don't know the people there. The reason to that is simple. Sir* has showed me how nice a clan really can be, the first Sir*'s were like family. With the first I mean terminator46a, abbasman47, slyguy47, spikejack1, GeckooGuy, Rej, GameSpotsNL and of course Naiiiny. You could say we looked after each other and treated everybody with respect, didn't trash talk or anything. The other people that are in the Sir* now are probably really nice people too but I can't promise that. Unfortunately it didn't last for a very long time, first SpikeJack was inactive, followed by Sly and Abbasman, and then the sirs falled a part. It later got rebuilt and is now a better team than it ever was, skill wise. But I will never forget the first Sir*'s and it won't feel the same ever again if you ask me even though I would do just about anything to join Sir* again. enough of this, now for some facts. Then I pressed Close instead of Post Blog and it didn't even save! You should fix that, FN, anyway thank you for reading this Sir/miss and good day to you!


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