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Black Ops 2: MLG Dallas Online Seeding Tournament

Posted: Sat, Feb 23 2013 at 10:19am
Generic Name x Blog

The Black Ops 2 MLG Dallas Online Seeding Tournament has beenan adrenaline rush every second of each match. As word got out that out thematch between two top pro teams FEAR vs. Fairko was heading into the 11thand final round of Search and Destroy with a Championship Bracket seeding atDallas on the line, both anxiety from players and fans alike and viewershipsoared. Remember this is just a seeding tournament; when the stakes are for aspot at CoD XP and a chance to win a million dollars, then moments like Unite’sClayster kill on Thrust’s Bobby with 10seconds left to stop Thrust from areturning/capturing their flag can be life changing.

Live streaming via Twitch.TV on MLGCOD and around the clockcoverage by eSports have made the players more accessible. As fans we getinvested in “our” team and the characters on each, the more exposure the fanshave to the players the greater the chances are that each fan finds someone oneach team they can relate to Although there have been some bumps in the road dueto the online qualifier, like the DDoS attack on coL’s Teepee and the “hostadvantage” but these can all be improved. Even though there have been somesetbacks, the pros far outweigh the cons so expect to see more onlinequalifiers.

As far as professional players and members of the communitycomplaining about rules, and league play, here are a few things to consider.


Everyone knew the rules before the tournament started in factsome of the professional players who are now complaining about the rules helpedmake them. The fact that Dual Wield attachment was allowed is baffling it makesthe gun a non-skill weapon, it’d be like if Modern Warfare 3 allowed dual FMJsin competitive play.  Same idea withshotguns, imagine if the Striker was allowed in competitive play? These weaponshave no place in competitive play yet nobody seemed to care when having thediscussion about the rules. Unless the rules do get changed or a patch comesout then you must make adjustments, because that is what it takes to stay ontop. Complaining about these rules not only makes you look like a sore loser,but it’s also unprofessional when not done in the correct forum and manner.

League Play:

Treyarch implemented League Play and for all intents andpurposes it has worked fine, but it could use some adjustments as far as thepoint system is based. However, attacking David Vonderhaar through Twitter andother social media outlets is not going to get anything done. Everyone wantsthe same to improve the system so that it is fair and cannot be exploited, atthe same time with such a large community these opinions on how to go aboutthis can be misconstrued. The fix is very simple and both the community andTreyarch would benefit.  Form a committeeof captains. The committee could meet once a month and consist of variouspeople from different aspects of Call of Duty community. The committee wouldconsist of no more than fifteen people, each representing a different pro teamor elite clan. The committee could come to a consensus of a few (no more thanfive) improvements to the game, then present those to David Vonderhaar and theteam at Treyarch. By doing this, it would create a proper channel for thecommunity to give feedback, but also if something like the League play pointsystem is changed or a rule is changed then Treyarch or MLG isn’t accused offavoring a certain team.

The system isn’t broken, it just needs a few minoradjustments, just give it time and the Call of Duty community will prevail,until then pray for a neutral host like maybe the CODCasters?

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