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New Year Resolution!

Posted: Wed, Jan 02 2013 at 03:31am
[HPS]**Akemi Blog

Looking over the last year's NYR (2012), I've managed to cover most of them.

Covering Unreal Tournament 99 game.
+Improve my skill; get training for freestyle (since I hasn't got any and I'm on a freestyle ladder, won't make me stop camping)
Apparently, I've done better than what I did.
+Learn more about reffing and participate in one to learn what they do, etc.
This is done... I've became a Ref for CITE (thanks to ]TKK[Tanner! He did a Oh-So-Fabulous job training me!), and then later becoming ref on Us/Euro as well.
+Learn map editing! (Since you know how much time I got, I could make a GREAT map) and make some map.
Learned pretty most some basic stuffs in map editing, and saving the map and playing it. There is more down the line for many other games... which will go into different categories of game style and advance map editing. Thanks to -=CoN=-Dentures, [FuN]
Fortress, ]TKK[Tyris for offering helps, and sites that is hosting a quick tutorial on other things.
+Learn more about game server hosting. (I wanted to know how they do it)
Yes... I've done this. For having 2 different servers at different time, 1st one with gameservers, but I've done more success working with Canny|FN| (and his server hosting business, C-opsgamehost.com),
[UT]_PK_RaStA, -=CoN=-Dentures, a few with UnrealAdmin and couple of others that I didn't mentioned... because I had quite a lot for different things.
+Try out Nail Weapon 3, might help test them on a monster hunt server for U01.
Did try it out, but the server owner of U01 has been quite busy and pretty much decided to let the server be set as it is. But there were some few bugs, and it's map related for the weapons.
+Practice to get better, play with other, learn from other, get skills from them, get to know other people...
Sure done these as well... otherwise I wouldn't know much of other peoples. :) (Erm idk why I have this mentioned twice? LOL)

In fact, I've done more than what's listed here or to be expected. That would be (in no order)... becoming a Head Admin on FN (thanks to [TA]Si|enT getting me started), joining ]TKK[ clan (my favorite haha), improved xloc/translocating (thanks to ]TKK[Puzzle), playing with [FuN] on other ladders, played more BunnyTrack (thanks to FBT & Steve aka Bor4us) & iCTF games (mostly on |uK|'s server), learned Siege game (thanks to |uK|!), have a CheckPoint mutator made by Sp0ngeb0b (note to self, this is not {ESG}SpongeBob!), and couple of more since I can't seem to remember but will edit and add in later.

So anyhow... This year resolution? None to think to write down yet. Must edit later. lol.

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