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Ultimate BF3 Guide

Posted: Thu, Jan 31 2013 at 02:23pm

So my exercise here is to try create the ultimate strategy guide to improve my skills, and the skills of my friends and clanmates. I am taking some information, especially at the end, from public sources, and I will make it perfectly clear which parts are not mine, and reference the makers and locations of these works. I'm gonna start at the basics and move up from there, in an attempt to create the ultimate strategy guide. This is likely to be a very long post, so if there is a character limit... I might have to chain comments to finish it. Or do it in pieces... Whatever, here goes.

So, Battlefield 3 is an online shooter that is similar in many ways to its predecessors. What I mean is that the core gameplay, and many of the interfaces available, are the tried-and-true units that are second nature to the experienced gamer. For example, while there have been advances in graphics, and in destruction, the core gameplay of shoot him before he shoots me; and capture the flag - that remains unchanged. The core HUD - a minimap, weapon stats (clip size, ammo), objective markers, and health indicators (both data and screen-indicators like blood) remain unchanged since the early days of gaming. Casual gamers - or newbies - look at all this information and are often overwhelmed by it when they first start out. I say to start simple, and here are some exercises to help you do this and set up a solid base of skills. Now don't assume just because you're not in the above categories that these exercises don't apply to you. If these are already second nature to you then good job, but they won't hurt anyone.

Beginner's exercise 1. adjust your controls. It's not as easy or as simple as it sounds. There are many control schemes and sensitivities and inverted controls to choose from. You should have your sensitivity as high as you can comfortably manage while still being accurate with your guns, and you will become accustomed to that sensitivity in time, then you can either raise it further or leave it be. This is one of the best ways to improve your game! Make sure to try all the controller options for all the vehicles as well as infantry. I found that the legacy controls on the helicopters work better for me than the standard controls. Things like these are very important no matter how mundane they sound.

Beginner's exercise 2. Understand the information at your disposal. This starts as basic as just using your minimap correctly and goes all the way up to advanced tactics like understanding which audio cues and phrases in which language signify what information. this is something you never really stop working on, and there is no one way to master it. This more than any other part of the game, is what elevates a player above the level of noob. So the really simple exercise is: to understand all the symbols on your minimap and HUD, and make a habit of checking them often.

Beginner's exercise 3. Before you spawn in, check the situation. Do your squadmates need help, or are they in a no-win scenario? is there a lovely new tank (etc.) at your base? is the enemy team capturing a flag you need? Smart spawn tactics are the key to winning in Battlefield games.

Beginner's exercise 4. Learn to spot and do it always.
(quoting from the PixelEnemy youtube video: How not to be a noob at Bad Company 2, with very minor changes to update it to Battlefield 3)
It is imperative that you quickly let everyone on your team know where the enemy is hiding. While Battlefield 3 does support voice chat with your teammates, It is more expedient to spot enemies by using the Select button (PS3) or Back button (360) or whatever key PC uses (sorry, no knowledge there). Yes, those buttons are usually not reserved for gameplay, usually being used for navigating menus by 'selecting' or 'going back', but just press it! If you hear your character yell out "I've got an anti-tank soldier in my AO, guys!" or something similar, that audio cue is accompanied by a small, bright red arrow above your enemy's head. This indicator also appears on-screen for all of your team-mates for a limited time, allowing them to turn their sights to the enemy and start blasting away in concert with you. Congratulations, you just contributed far more than you ever did playing Call of Duty. Now do this all the freaking time.
{end quote}

So what differentiates the professional gamer from the casual gamer? The casual, uninformed people erroneously assume that pro gamers must have god-like reflexes, and thus are above them. That is not true. The average person who works a job (and/or) has a spouse - mistakenly assumes that the pro gamer is better than they are because the pro gamer put obscene amounts of time into each and every game they play. This is also not true. Yes there are some bits and pieces of the puzzle that is gaming that are simply put together with experience, but most of what makes pro gamers as good as they are, is simply mindset. Here are some techniques to improve your mindset and become a better gamer.

Mindset exercise 1. Your field of vision is one of the most important pieces of the battlefield game. What passes into your field of vision and attracts your attention is important to know, and to understand. What alot of decent and even some good gamers fail to realize is that your field of vision and reflexes are directly affected by your mood. If you are raging, your field of vision will be even lower than if you were a medium state of drunk. Just FYI.

Mindset exercise 2. EVERY time you die, ask yourself this: why did I die - and what could I have done differently in order to have lived? then work on incorporating basic fixes to your play style as needed. (example: if you die a lot from tanks while running medic, were you in an area you shouldn't have been? try going a different route in the future.) there are SO many variations on the above that you will have to find which ones apply to you and go from there.

Mindset exercise 3. Play with other people who know what they are doing. Again, this is something that many people don't even think about but will help you out tremendously. If you have a friend who is doing significantly better than you, or more experienced than you, ask him what he's doing differently than you. Shadow him around for a while. It doesn't hurt him to have a medic or repairman following his every move and it will help you learn.

So these are all nice and good, but like I said above, there are a few memorization and hours-put-in pieces of afore-mentioned puzzle that you may want to try to learn. Here are a few exercises for you.

Intermediate exercise 1. Study the maps. One at a time. For as long as it takes to fully memorize them. Before you continue, some questions to ask yourself to check your knowledge. ; On Kharg Island flag D, how many entrances are there to that building? ; On Grand Bazaar flag B, how many rooms are in the capture radius of the flag? ; what paths are feasibly available from Operation Metro B flag to A flag- These TYPES of questions should be put to EVERY FLAG ON EVERY MAP. This will make your skill in taking and defending these flags much greater.

Intermediate exercise 2. go to symthic.com and look at and understand the weapon statistics. It is important to know why the weapons act the way the do in-game and this helps. Now, once you've done that, find your favorite guns of each category that you aren't currently using. base this on the stats of the guns, obviously. try them out, and see what is different about them from your current setup. perhaps you found a better setup by doing this. the goal is to understand ALL the guns and what they do better and worse than their counterparts in order to more effectively use them in-game.

Intermediate exercise 3. Go through the BF3 customization page at the in-game menu (outside of matches) and familiarize yourself with ALL the skins and camoflage options and see what sticks out to you with each one. find the few key aspects that do not change with camos and memorize them. understand that this is what you want to find when you are scanning an area for enemies.

Intermediate exercise 4. Accustom yourself to all the audio cues that are in the game. ALL...OF...THEM... ... You knew when I said memorization that these wouldn't be quick. The key here is that you understand the tactical importance of a russian voice, and what it is saying, and where it is saying it. A Pro gamer knows these and can use them to gain MORE information than is readily available on the HUD. terms like "Granada!" are pretty easy to figure out, but where it gets difficult is when you memorize the phrases you don't necessarily know the translation for. An example of this is when a russian medic runs over and revives his buddy, you will hear several things. first cue is the beeping noise of the defibrilators. second cue is the russian voice saying... whatever... and that tells you that there are at least TWO russians in the vincinity of that sound, whether or not they are on your minimap. (The list of audio cues can probably be found on youtube, but I haven't seen it yet.)

So this is a good guide on how to become a great BF3 player, but it's not quite ultimate yet... At this point if you have followed, understood, and applied the lessons and exercises I've stated above, you will be on the competitive level of playing. But here's the part to take you above competitive - to unleash the AMAZING POWERS THAT YOU CONTAIN... Get ready to channel your best Morgan Freeman, because this is where it gets godly!

There are two key terms that are coined by the military that I will attempt to explain here - Situational Awareness; and Flow.
You cannot really separate these two terms, but I'll see if I can explain each in turn as they apply to Battlefield.

Let's start with Situational Awareness, abbreviated to SA. {quote from wikipedia}
The definition of SA is the perception of environmental elements with respect to time and/or space, the comprehension of their meaning, and the projection of their status after some variable has changed, such as time. It is also a field of study concerned with perception of the environment critical to decision-makers in complex, dynamic areas.
{end quote}

Now, many of you may realize where this is going, and ask: is this really what separates the top players from me? The answer is YES. most definitely. In Battlefield, SA is understanding the elements that are available for you to decipher from the game, and knowing what they mean. All those previous exercises in memorization will come in handy here. SA is KEY to becoming the best player you can be and it is surprisingly easy once you put it in the front of your mind.

So... now that we have SA (theoretically now), what exactly should we do with it? the answer is Flow.

Flow is the introduction to higher level play that most of you either intuitively know or act on already. Flow is the tide of battle that includes zones controlled by allies/enemies, which side has the upper hand and action on routes leading to each. Essentially, a bird's eye perspective of what is happening on the map. Flow requires using the limited amount of information available (radar, onscreen) and attempting to understand which areas are hot and which areas are vulnerable. Literally, think of water pushing and pulling around the map and that is the idea of flow. Say on Metro, you hear two huge fights at the first escalator and side stairs, you'll know the second escalator will be the least watched.

Casual players don't apply flow and can counted to stack with teammates to push a certain area. This means that flow is best applied toward flanking, because you can identify the routes of least resistance and make your way through to eventually hit the other team from behind. This is almost always high risk/high reward (another reason why casuals don't prefer this method), as the times you die will far outrank the times you succeed. However, when you do succeed, it will often be devastating for the enemy team and disrupt their position bad enough that your team can break through.

So if you followed this far and read about SA and Flow, that's great. That doesn't mean you're done yet. I'm not about to let this go without another set of exercises.
Exercises intended to increase your SA and Flow exploitation - And I got some of these from an un-referenced SA and Flow guide on reddit
1. Equip the 870MCS on Metro or Grand Bazaar. Never stop running, for any reason, even to shoot or reload. 1 round.
2. Equip only the M320 on Seine or Grand Bazzar with extra 40mm perk. Shoot at everything that moves in a window or against a wall. If you run out of ammo, suicide yourself. 1 round.
3. Pick your favorite non-sniper rifle. Put it on single shot. 2 rounds.
4. Equip the F2000. Put a laser on it. You are not allowed to do anything but hip shoot. 1 round.
5. Equip the ASVAL. Play until you kill at least 7 in a row only using the ASVAL. If you die or use any other weapon, start over with the count.
6. Equip your fav pistol. Play until you kill at least 5 in a row only using the pistol. If you die or use any other weapon, start over with the count.
7. Equip the biggest LMG you have. You are not allowed to fire it, as much as you are tempted. You can, however, stab people in the back with your knife. 2 rounds.
{end quote}

My turn to torture you and make you a better player.
1. Run assault on hardcore TDM on canals. You cannot do anything other than defibrilate people. (including enemies) Do this for 2-3 rounds of 500%
2. Same rules, just do it at Ziba Tower on domination. see the difference?
3. Play on a well-balanced Kharg Island 500% conquest server. Take a sniper and get on top of the silo. (the big one) simply observe the match. (make sure you are not part of a squad or they might spawn on you and ruin this.)

So now you have SA and understand flow, but how to use it... well SA is understanding when and where the enemy will be, what you want to do is create a power inbalance in your favor. There are many ways to achieve this and I'll attempt to describe them here.  A power inbalance is really situational, but for the purpose of this guide, we'll look at it mathematically.
 If there are four people on each team, and team one is defending A flag, then team two has to not only kill team one, but team one can also spawn on the flag. So say team two wipes out team one and has 2 people left. team one all spawns on A flag and then the inbalance is in team one's favor, even though they were all killed in the first contact. This demonstrates that space is power in and of itself. if you control an area with your squad/team, then that is power. the enemy team will need more power in order to move you from that space than you need to occupy it. DEFENSE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN OFFENSE. if you are defending a point, particularly a spawn point, count each man as 1.5 of the enemy men. Obviously this is completely dependant on the individual people that comprise your team, but for the purpose of tactics and strategy, this is how it works. (FYI professional paintball players use this system in order to make their strategies.)
The next part of power is speed. speed=power. if you can put up a spawn beacon and your squad spawns on it that is instant power. LAVs are more powerful than tanks when used correctly because they have the same strengths (in DICE's rock-paper-scissors type system) but are faster. LAVs with multiple people (known as clown cars) are the ultimate power play in battlefield 3. when the LAV reaches its destination, the people hop out, kill everything, hop in, and go get the next point. If you can wipe an enemy squad, you are denying them power because you are denying them speed. they have to start back at their spawn and work their way to where they were before.
The best tactic is to use SA and use speed (spawn on a squadmate) to put power (a full squad, tank, etc.) right behind or beside the enemy and start mowing them down. this is how to use power to its full potential with SA.

MORE EXERCISES YAY!!!!! (exercises to practice putting power places with speed)

1. this isn't really an exercise, but a general rule. if you or one of your squadmates is the last man in your squad, SAY SO! your squad can spawn on you in under 10 seconds, but until then you have to stay alive long enough for them to do so. If it's your squadmate who is last, this gives him a heads up and reminder to stay low and don't do anything stupid (until you get there ;)...)

2. Get in an unranked or empty server with a full squad of friends. Practice "posting" which is a technique where one player takes overlook and watches/supresses a lane while the other three cross it, then one of the three post up and cover him while a third guy posts up for the fourth to cross another lane with the first guy. what you are looking to practice is the ideal SPACING for this technique, not speed, not accuracy of the guy who is posted, you are practicing spacing so that if one or two guys manage to flank you, you can cut them down with a crossfire in order to keep your squad alive. In my opinion, the perfect place to practice this is on Grand Bazaar, around C flag. practice posting up between "golden" and "laundry" then to "Butcher Shop" and through to "ghetto". This provides a good amount of angles and lanes that need to be covered by the people posting up and remember to watch your backs! you move more slowly but with much more power when using this technique.

3. In a ranked/full server, practice "blitzing". in particular, you are looking for all of your power to converge on a single location designated by your squad leader, all at the same time. speed is important here, but the main goal is to have your group converge on the same place at the same time. My ideal location to practice this is on Damavand Peak conquest, and designate a location around B. Split your squad into 2man groups, and practice going down the tunnels and arriving at the location at the same time (from different angles!). (tip- USE YOUR MINIMAP AND SQUAD MARKERS TO MAKE THIS EASIER! You don't have to guess the timing, the trick is to watch where the other parts of the blitz are and coordinate through that.

4. Practice "clown-car", where you get a full LAV and go to a location, have everyone hop out, and OWN a point, then everyone still alive hops in, and you roll off to do it again somewhere else. before you get there, the people who died can spawn back in, and you're back to full capacity. I like to do this on Noshahr Canals conquest, as Americans. enemy tanks like to take over the map but you can stop them with this technique.

These challenges WILL make you a better player, at the expense of your short term stats. But if it helps convince you of their worth, I have done ALL of these challenges, and my current SPM is above 1000.  So I hope you found this thread informational, enjoyable, and most of all I hope you become better players from this. Thank you for reading this through, and I'll see you on the Battlefield!

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