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Recently Added Questions

Q: Where do I find the IP for the Server that is used in my ladder?

A: It's located under the shoutbox on the right side of the ladder standings area.

Q: How to make a team and manage it?

A: Click on Profile on the right upper corner >> Competition Memberships >> Create a new team >> Fill in the details >> Click Add team >> Manage your team.

Here is a link for the step by steps with screenshots!

Q: What can I send in as a Support Ticket?

A: Support Tickets can be sent in for the following:

  • Perceived site errors.
  • Abusive language/comments/actions in forums, shoutboxes, PMs, Battlebox, and match comments.
  • Match play issues for ladders, leagues, Battlebox, and Prove it matches.
  • Disputes with admin/referee calls.
  • Requests for new site features.

Q: I won a cash prize tournament but never got my prize!


If you played in a cash prize tournament and for any reason the prize funds were not transferred to your account please don't panic!

First, check with the staff member or person that was running the tournament. It may be a case that the person has not yet hit the button to close out the tournament and officially announce the winner.

If the tournament is closed out and funds still did not get into your account, please submit a support ticket and we will get right on it. Its your money, we will get it to you.
Click here to create a support ticket

Q: I have a new account and I can't input my GUID because is it being used by my old account, what do I do?

A: If your GUID is being used by your old account and you can no longer access it to change it to your new account, submit a Support Ticket under the "General" department to get it fixed.

Q: Can I post my video to the FraggedNation YouTube channel as well as my personal channel?

A: No. All videos submitted to FraggedNation to be uploaded to YouTube must remain solely on the FraggedNation YouTube channel. This is due to copyright issues.

Q: Where can I recruit for my Team/Clan?

A: All Team/Clan recruitment is done inside the Team/Clan Recruitment Forums: http://www.fraggednation.com/forum/topics/general/TeamClan-Recruitment-11

Q: Can I create my own cash buy in ladder or tournament?


Yes, we totally encourage it but there are a couple of things to remember.

Be clear on what's in it for the buy in. You're going to charge someone to join your ladder; they will want to know what they will win in return.

If you are new to FN, you are probably not on the staff list and your tournament will almost certainly be private. Ask yourself, who is going to hand their cash over to an unknown stranger?

You could always approach FN and ask them to run the competition for you.

You MUST always use the FN credit system. Using your own payment method will force us to delete your competition. Don't risk it, we will spot it and you could have many upset folk on your hands.

This is to protect EVERY ONE not least of all, everyone's hard earned cash.

Q: Can I donate to FN?

A: Hey, while we like money as much as the next guy, this site is about a low-pressure community, so we do not ask members to donate money.

Game servers are appreciated for PC games, and what we do ask is that you get involved, help spread the word, and do what you can to make FN an even better place! If you want to donate your game server, please see the FAQ section on Servers, located here: FAQ: Servers

Q: What does TBD stand for in a tournament?

A: To be defined/determined.

Your actual seeding will not be shown until the tournament has begun, so you will see TBD until it has been officially started by the admin.

Q: I have a question, where can I get help?

A: There is a chat function for members of this site to get help from online admins. Simply click on the  Admins Online tab and ask your question to an admin. If you don't get a response you can ask another admin or submit a Support Ticket.

Remember: Idle admins are less likely to respond to your question in time.

Additionally, match related issues should be asked using the support ticket system.

Q: Where can I suggest new FAQ entries? (staff only)


Competition Staff Members are able to suggest FAQ entries within the All Hands Staff Forums. The thread for this can be found here: http://www.fraggednation.com/forum/topic/Frequently-Asked-Questions-Admins-your-help-wanted-10206

Q: How do I edit my Ladder Memberships?

A: To edit your ladder memberships, do the following:

Click "My Account Home" in the top right of the User Control Panel >> Click "Ladder Memberships"

This will allow you to edit your ladder memberships.

Q: How do I edit my Tournament Memberships?

A: To edit your tournament memberships, do the following:

Mouse over "Competitive Play" >> Click "Manage Tournament Memberships"

This will allow you to edit your tournament memberships.

Q: How do I know if players are ready to play?

A: You will know if there is players ready to play by adding a game you are prepared to play, and then looking for numbers to the right of the game image like shown below:

Ensure you have the slider set to GREEN if you wish to play the opponent.

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