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Frequently Asked Questions

Editing your Account

Editing your Account

Q: How do I change my FN user name?


Log in to your account and then follow these instructions:

Mouse over "My FN" >> Select "My Account Home" >> Select "Edit My Profile" tab >> click "Edit Profile" icon >> select "Account Information" tab and change your "Login Name"

On this page, modifications can be made to your account. When you're finished, ensure you click the "Save Changes" button.

Q: How can I delete / remove my account?

A: Go to your account home page by following these instructions:

Mouse over "My FN" >> Select "My Account Home" >> Select "Edit My Profile" >> click "Edit Profile" icon >> Select "System Options" tab >> click the "Permanently Deactivate Account" button.

Please remember that this will permanently disable your account, and you will no longer be able to log in, and you will receive no further emails from the site. 

Q: Can I integrate my FN blog with Facebook?


Yes, you can have your very own FraggedNation blog feed into your Facebook profile automatically and here is how:

From any FN page click on the My FraggedNation drop down menu. Select the "My Profile" link, then select the "View Public Profile" link. When your public profile page opens you will see tabs at the top of the profile section. One of those tabs will be labeled "Blogs". 

Select the "Blogs" tab and a new window will open displaying your most recent Blog entries. If you have not created any Blog entries this section will be blank. (To create your own personal FN Blog simply go to the top of any FN page and select the bright orange link with the B in it and you will be taken to your very own Blog page).

In the top right hand corner of the "Blog" tab window you will see a Blue / Orange link labeled 2.0 / RSS. Select that link and a new page will open up with full versions of your latest blog entries.

You need to 'copy' the URL address that appears in the address bar of your web browser while veiwing this page. It should look something like:


(NOTE: The above link is an example. Yours should be similiar except it will contain a different member ID number (1234).

Once you have copied the address of your blog page go to FaceBook and log into your account. Go to your Profile page. Directly below the "Share" button located under the text editor box you will see a hyperlink labeled "Options".

Click the "Options" link once and a new hyperlink will appear labeled "Settings". When you click on "Settings" a new section will appear called "Available Sites". In this section you will see a link labeled "Blog / RSS". Select this link and a new area will open up with a text box to paste the address of your FN Blog page into. 

Enter the URL (the web address of your RSS feed you copied earlier) of your FN blog into the text box then click the "Update" button. Once you do this, your previous posts will appear as notes and any new posts you make will automatically display on your FaceBook page.

Q: How do I add a signature to my account?


Hover over "My FN" >> "My Account Home" >> Select "Edit Profile" tab >> click "Edit Profile" icon >> Select "Forum Signature" tab

Add the link for where your image is hosted (for example: photobucket, freewebs, etc.).

You can preview the signature to see what it will look like, but remember to hit the "Save Changes" button when you are done.  

Q: How do I add an avatar to my account?

A: Hover over "My FN" >> "My Account Home" >> Select "Edit Profile" tab >> use the "Upload a New Avatar" option.

You will then select the Browse button and find the avatar you would like to use. Click upload avatar and you are done.

Give the system a few minutes to update the avatar. 

Q: How do I add a GT/PSN tag to my account?


A: In order for a player to add a Gamer Tag (GT), a Xbox Live ID, PlayStation Network PSN ID, an Onlive console ID, a Wii friend code or a Steam ID please follow these directions:

Mouse over "My FN" >> select "My Account Home" >> Select "Edit My Profile" tab >> click the "Edit Profile" icon >> Select "Console Networks (PS3, Wii, XBOX)" tab

In the space provided, add the information for your Playstation Network PSN id, XBOX gamertag, Wii code, Onlive ID or Steam ID.

If you don't know your steam ID number, then

Go to http://steamidfinder.com/

Enter your user name.

It will spit out a number that looks like this:
0:1:23456789 (this is an example number)

This is the short # format. Use this and go to edit your account, click edit profile, then look for messenger accounts. Under the steam area enter the number, starting from 0:1:23...9 (all the numbers).

(Note, if you use steam ID finder and enter your short number, it will spit out your long ID number that will look like this:
12345678912345678 -- other websites use this longer number, but not here).  

Q: Can I have an animated avatar?

A: Animated Avatars will, unfortunately, not ever be supported. The reason for this is that every avatar is re-sized and placed inside a uniform image template so they all look the same. Animated .GIF files are composed of a number of frames used to create the animation, and there's no way to separate out these frames and pop them onto our custom template frame and still maintain the animation.

Q: How do I add a photo to my account?


Log in to your account and then follow these instructions:

Mouse over "My FN" >> select "My Account Home" >> select "Photo Gallery" icon >> Select "Upload a Photo" on the right side of the page.

On this page, this is where you can Browse for photo's to add to your page. This is a good place to express yourself or store in game images.  

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