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StickyHow to Request a New Game! - OverviewDBLDeathDealerMember Rating: Godmode72300
OrangUtangOrangUtangMember Rating: GodmodeJun 14, 2013
Forum FolderMOVED: Advanced Warfare Ladders?GentHeartMember Rating: Honorable566
CGN VIPER IVCGN VIPER IVMember Rating: VeteranThu at 08:38am
Forum FolderHalo: MCC (CE & H2) - [P O L L] -
Option: 'All of them!' leads with 3 total vote(s)
Houdini.Houdini.Member Rating: GodmodeWed, Oct 15 at 07:01am
Forum FolderFIFA 15 - PS4 ? - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes , I want this game added' leads with 2 total vote(s)
Dark FireMember Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:Brigadier General1118
lindadailindadaiWed, Oct 15 at 01:36am
Forum FolderBF2reddawgjr1991Member Rating: Credible036
reddawgjr1991reddawgjr1991Member Rating: CredibleWed, Oct 01 at 09:08pm
Forum FolderCounter Strike Global Offense? - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes' leads with 2 total vote(s)
WILL.I.AM Cosby573
]TKK[**Akemi]TKK[**AkemiMember Rating: Bounty HunterWed, Oct 01 at 11:51am
Forum FolderADD 3DS TO THE WEBSITE! - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes' leads with 2 total vote(s)
Vertigo.Member Rating: l337Staff Rank:Sgt. Major4103
Vertigo.Vertigo.Member Rating: l337Staff Rank:Sgt. MajorWed, Sep 24 at 11:18pm
Forum Folder2k15 Shall we? - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes' leads with 1 total vote(s)
xPray 4 DeathxMember Rating: Credible051
xPray 4 DeathxxPray 4 DeathxMember Rating: CredibleTue, Sep 23 at 11:23pm
Forum FolderMOVED: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online]TKK[**AkemiMember Rating: Bounty Hunter10224
Vertigo.Vertigo.Member Rating: l337Staff Rank:Sgt. MajorMon, Sep 15 at 01:21pm
Forum FolderMOVED: *Destiny Needs To Be Added To The Site* - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes' leads with 8 total vote(s)

  Goto Page:  12
Vertigo.Member Rating: l337Staff Rank:Sgt. Major29417
StonezStonezMember Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:ColonelFri, Sep 05 at 06:40pm
Forum FolderBlacklight retribution for ps4ElementalWiz149
StonezStonezMember Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:ColonelThu, Sep 04 at 03:33pm
Forum FolderDestiny?EpicSuFiMember Rating: Honorable3132
MeS JazzMeS JazzMember Rating: l337Staff Rank:Sgt. MajorWed, Sep 03 at 04:55am
Forum FolderKiller INstinct XB1Darklurkr232114
kaptainyoyo123kaptainyoyo123Sun, Aug 24 at 07:37pm
Forum FolderGears of war 2 back!Trust Trade166
Dark FireDark FireMember Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:Brigadier GeneralThu, Aug 21 at 04:12pm
Forum FolderSports games onto the PS4 - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes' leads with 3 total vote(s)
ArcaniteChillMember Rating: Credible195
tapoutmartinez618tapoutmartinez618Thu, Aug 21 at 10:54am
Forum FolderHALO 3L7 Mercy159
Houdini.Houdini.Member Rating: GodmodeWed, Aug 06 at 07:32pm
Forum FolderPROJECT CARSSkyyJuice3163
ill-Advisedill-AdvisedMon, Aug 04 at 05:51am
Forum FolderMagicka: Wizard WarsScottyC112186
uchimatamasteruchimatamasterMember Rating: GodmodeSun, Jul 27 at 06:32pm
Forum FolderMOVED: Orion: Dino HordeAktuhMember Rating: Credible19287
AktuhAktuhMember Rating: CredibleWed, Jul 23 at 11:33pm
Forum FolderAdd The Last of Us PS4 - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes' leads with 21 total vote(s)
RadioheadMember Rating: Honorable18532
LarsVerbNLLarsVerbNLTue, Jul 22 at 05:03pm
Forum FolderBlacklight Retribution - Free To Play Shooter - [P O L L] -
Option: 'No' leads with 2 total vote(s)
RampantEpsilonMember Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:Brigadier General7727
SarahITSarahITSat, Jul 05 at 07:02pm
Forum FolderCombat Arms - PC - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes -start small with a ladder then work up' leads with 1 total vote(s)
SyckologicalMember Rating: RespectableStaff Rank:Private 20135
SyckologicalSyckologicalMember Rating: RespectableStaff Rank:Private 2Wed, Jun 25 at 12:55pm
Forum FolderBring on the Smash Bros SeriesLord Kappos186
Dark FireDark FireMember Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:Brigadier GeneralWed, Jun 25 at 12:37pm
Forum FolderDizzel gold gunTheRealRemarx0116
TheRealRemarxTheRealRemarxMon, Jun 23 at 06:59pm
Forum FolderCS2D -PC- - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes' leads with 50 total vote(s)

  Goto Page:  123
KazerKazerMon, Jun 23 at 10:35am
Forum FolderUFC on PS4 Tournaments or Points based ladder - [P O L L] -
Option: 'No' leads with 1 total vote(s)
RedGhost112Member Rating: Credible1181
DBLDeathDealerDBLDeathDealerMember Rating: GodmodeFri, Jun 20 at 06:08am
Forum FolderTitanfall - XBOX ONE - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes' leads with 11 total vote(s)
Kirman96Member Rating: HonorableStaff Rank:Corporal8172
FrenxhieFrenxhieFri, Jun 20 at 02:18am
Forum FolderDota 2
  Goto Page:  12
Dark FireDark FireMember Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:Brigadier GeneralThu, Jun 19 at 12:34am
Forum FolderCOD Ghosts - PS4 - [P O L L] -
Option: 'I want!' leads with 5 total vote(s)
3xiLeMember Rating: Bounty Hunter2203
Dark FireDark FireMember Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:Brigadier GeneralTue, Jun 10 at 02:46pm
Forum FolderWe need to add cod black opsGangsta340094
Gangsta340Gangsta340Sat, Jun 07 at 10:36pm

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