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StickyHow to Request a New Game! - OverviewDBLDeathDealerMember Rating: Godmode93525
DBLDeathDealerDBLDeathDealerMember Rating: GodmodeNov 10, 2014
Forum FolderBattlefield Hardline ps4!MrEastCoastMember Rating: Honorable14318
OrangUtangOrangUtangMember Rating: GodmodeFri at 07:52am
Forum FolderWhy no Smash Wii U or Mario Kart 8 yet?DaeDedderous3149
Houdini.Houdini.Member Rating: GodmodeWed at 09:30am
Forum FolderNew Games & Console DivisionRampantEpsilonMember Rating: Godmode4127
HaVoC2YaFaCeHaVoC2YaFaCeMember Rating: Godmode°Wed at 01:15am
Forum FolderNEW PATCH FOR BLRaceofskysMember Rating: Respectable277
aceofskysaceofskysMember Rating: RespectableThu, Mar 19 at 08:38pm
Forum FolderGrand Theft Auto OnlineSamcro Reaper19169
RampantEpsilonRampantEpsilonMember Rating: Godmode°Thu, Mar 12 at 06:00pm
Forum FolderCombat Arms
  Goto Page:  12
feroMember Rating: RespectableStaff Rank:Private 1st Class30888
kamurokamuroSat, Feb 28 at 11:44am
Forum FolderEvolveTDSrockMember Rating: Veteran191
]TKK[**Akemi]TKK[**AkemiMember Rating: Bounty Hunter°Thu, Feb 19 at 02:43pm
Forum FolderNew tactical shooter gaming coming out in march ( early acces, but looks very promising)Xhizor_872130
WHAT[FuN]GUY[FN]WHAT[FuN]GUY[FN]Member Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:Brigadier GeneralMon, Feb 16 at 01:37pm
LockedCombat Arms(PC Game)MacdogxProdigyMember Rating: Credible6456
Houdini.Houdini.Member Rating: Godmode°Thu, Feb 12 at 12:35pm
Forum FolderUNREAL TOURNAMENT (2014) - [P O L L] -
Option: 'yes' leads with 4 total vote(s)
WHAT[FuN]GUY[FN]Member Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:Brigadier General6348
OrangUtangOrangUtangMember Rating: GodmodeFri, Feb 06 at 06:10am
Forum Folderheroes of the stormdragonsin42019280
DBLDeathDealerDBLDeathDealerMember Rating: GodmodeThu, Feb 05 at 04:54pm
Forum FolderHearthstoneHuffdaddyMember Rating: Credible3141
HaVoC2YaFaCeHaVoC2YaFaCeMember Rating: Godmode°Wed, Feb 04 at 05:03pm
Forum FolderNosgoth - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes' leads with 2 total vote(s)
]TKK[**Akemi]TKK[**AkemiMember Rating: Bounty Hunter°Mon, Jan 26 at 09:21am
Forum FolderFighting games - [P O L L] -
Option: 'yes' leads with 3 total vote(s)
Lorenzo1992Lorenzo1992Member Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:Staff Sgt.Sat, Jan 17 at 07:58am
Forum FolderBO2 - [P O L L] -
Option: 'yes' leads with 1 total vote(s)
WHAT[FuN]GUY[FN]Member Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:Brigadier General3158
Sneaky ManSneaky ManMember Rating: VeteranTue, Jan 06 at 06:59am
Forum FolderMOVED: *Destiny Needs To Be Added To The Site* - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes' leads with 8 total vote(s)

  Goto Page:  12
Vertigo.Member Rating: l337Staff Rank:Sgt. Major32913
TruthL1vesTruthL1vesDec 24, 2014
Forum FolderCall of duty blak ops 2pwner69001166
WHAT[FuN]GUY[FN]WHAT[FuN]GUY[FN]Member Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:Brigadier GeneralDec 21, 2014
Forum Folder]TKK[**AkemiMember Rating: Bounty Hunter1164
]TKK[**Akemi]TKK[**AkemiMember Rating: Bounty Hunter°Dec 06, 2014
Forum FolderFAR CRY 4! - [P O L L] -
Option: 'OF COURSE!' leads with 8 total vote(s)
DeV!AnTMember Rating: Bounty Hunter4274
Sneaky ManSneaky ManMember Rating: VeteranDec 04, 2014
Forum FolderMOVED: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online]TKK[**AkemiMember Rating: Bounty Hunter19501
StonezStonezMember Rating: Bounty HunterDec 01, 2014
Forum FolderFIFA 15 - PS4 ? - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes , I want this game added' leads with 2 total vote(s)
Dark FireMember Rating: Bounty Hunter4373
JNKRedsoxJNKRedsoxMember Rating: l337Staff Rank:CorporalDec 01, 2014
Forum FolderBattlefield: Bad Company 2, Dust514, Medal of Honor - [P O L L] -Bama2078Member Rating: VeteranStaff Rank:Corporal0158
Bama2078Bama2078Member Rating: VeteranStaff Rank:CorporalNov 29, 2014
Forum FolderAces HighTW94184
OrangUtangOrangUtangMember Rating: GodmodeNov 17, 2014
Forum FolderCombat Arms - PC - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes -start small with a ladder then work up' leads with 1 total vote(s)
SyckologicalMember Rating: Respectable1349
#E|eMeNT#E|eMeNTMember Rating: Bounty HunterStaff Rank:CorporalNov 15, 2014
Forum FolderMadden FootballBama2078Member Rating: VeteranStaff Rank:Corporal1141
DBLDeathDealerDBLDeathDealerMember Rating: GodmodeNov 13, 2014
LockedHalo: MCC (CE & H2) - [P O L L] -
Option: 'All of them!' leads with 5 total vote(s)
DBLDeathDealerDBLDeathDealerMember Rating: GodmodeNov 10, 2014
LockedMOVED: Advanced Warfare Ladders?GentHeartMember Rating: Honorable7250
DBLDeathDealerDBLDeathDealerMember Rating: GodmodeNov 01, 2014
Forum FolderCounter Strike Global Offense? - [P O L L] -
Option: 'Yes' leads with 2 total vote(s)
WILL.I.AM Cosby6420
TheRebornTheRebornMember Rating: VeteranOct 26, 2014
Forum FolderBF2reddawgjr1991Member Rating: Credible0139
reddawgjr1991reddawgjr1991Member Rating: CredibleOct 01, 2014

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