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[Sir*] Anonymous

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Tue, Aug 25 at 11:57am

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About Me:

Knowledge Is Free.

We Are Anonymous.

We Are Legion.

We Do Not Forgive.

We Do Not Forget.

Expect Us.


Painful truth about uncharted:

The worst connection you have, the better you get to be at this game, if you have a good connection, don't ever try to go into cover, go away from grenades, roll away from punches, in fact don't do anysmartthings, because the other player's lag will slap you in the face with their lag and kill you in a literally impossible way, only because of their "so called" internet isn't strong enough.

Hey. Thank you for visiting my FraggedNation profile. And since this is an "about me" I figured now would be a good time to write something about me in it... 2 years after I got it but whatever.
So, here goes. Some facts about me:

1. I'm a 15 year old guy from Sweden, which for all of you who do not know, is in Scandinavia (northern Europe).
2. My PSN ID is "katarina66" but my name irl is Tobbe

3. I love TV shows. I've watched all episodes of 25 TV-Shows and I'm working on 4 shows atm.
4. While I might be considered a "no life" because of my huge record of TV shows, movies and uncharted time I'm actually a really social, outgoing, popular guy irl.
5. I don't care one bit about ratio and therefore, even though my skill I've only got a ratio slightly over 2
6. I've got 500 FN matches on my back and around three times as many scrims and around 5k pubs. Which isn't that much nor an interesting fact but it's my about me so fuck you :(
7. It's very hard for me to get in a genuinely bad mood, so most of my raging and complaining is just an exaggeration and you shouldn't take it seriously. However. If I do get mad you will get a not so friendly message from me.
8. My FN clan history is all Sir* except for half a day of SpK*. And LX for one week.
9. I'm actually a really nice guy if you know me, however. I'm not afraid to stand by my opinions which can result in people accusing me of trash talking because I speak my mind, but "I do not trash talk. I real talk." quote by mazze123.

10. Since I was pretty weak in TDM when I first started playing this game, I don't get to play TDM very often in FN's, but whenever I do, I go ham with 2 kd's or big, positive scores, when my team mates just barely go neutral. Bitches be like "damn, kat you can't play TDM"I can too.

11. Geckoo is the reason I'm the player I am today and for that I'm forever grateful. He's the most amazing person in FN and he deserves an award.

As for my name let's just say I'm the biggest troll in the world for using a female name even though I'm a guy. Okay awesome.

Thing I need people to manage not to do/things that I hate that other people do:

I hatewhen people join scrims without being invited and thinks "hey it would be freaking hilarious to play a 1v2/2v3/3v4/4v5" Well then I'm happy to inform you it's not fun. So if you ever join my party uninvited and don't leave then I don't like you and you should learn how to behave properly. And don't say you're doing it for "the trolls". You're not a troll, you're just an asshole.

Another thing I hate is when people taunt without daredevil. There are only fouracceptable reasons for taunting when you killed someone and they are:

1. If you have daredevil on and need more ammo and/or need to level up daredevil.

2. If they taunted you earlier in that matchwithoutdaredevil.

3. If you kill somebody at a 19 kill streak in a game type were it is actually possible to get a rampant.

4. If they in some way have done something disrespectful to you earlier such as sent you a hate message, trash talked etc.

If you taunt me without any of those 4 reasons you should be banned from everything you consider to be fun. For life.

I am known for

(nothing) maybe because of people thinking I'm a girl even though I'm not. (LUMINATI)


(nothing major)

FN clan history

Sir* but under a lot of different names, with GameSpotsNL, RejCZE, and GeckooGuy
Sir* again


The best uncharted players in the world in my opinion: abadeezy, PESVSFIFABM, AnTiLoSe-900, Dai-A667, sergiopro13, YOSHId-_-b, Blindable, ticemack3, Mattyy90, xJayyyx--, unchartedlbp7, xxpur3zer0xx, BioHaZaRdX12, sandropoli, xxcobraxvenomx, dbarker99, Xx-Raptor-A4-xX, benjamin_bkn, KroatiaChecker, DiVinE_KiLLeRx, BaLtic_, iL0ck0n, II-NITRO-II, fearknight16, DA_SonicKid and lastly, katarina66.
This list is not about the current best players since most of them have stopped playing. This is a list about who are the best historical players if you will.

And also, if Sweden would create a team we would be unstoppable, no country would ever beat us, we'd have me, raptor, wdan, xheadshootz burstliment etc. and you would lose. Period. At least in a LAN party...

Favorite things:

Male Actors: Edward Norton, Tom Hardy and Tom Hanks
Female Actors: Ellen Page, Kate Winslet and Amy Adams
Director: Christopher Nolan
Movie: On The Waterfront
TV Show: South Park
Drink: Coca Cola and Pear Juice.
Food: Steak
Games: Uncharted 3, Uncharted 2, The Last of Us and South Park the Stick of Truth
Things to do in my spare time: Hang out with friends, swim and play games
Map: Sanctuary
Game Type: Team Objective
Booster Slot 1: Cloaked, Team Safe and Fleet Foot
Booster Slot 2: Monkey Man and Beast Mode

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