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Mon, Mar 03 at 09:59pm

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About Me:


kills: 15600


loadouts for fn:

1st marlowes m9,E3 para 9,fleet foot ,team safe

2nd gmal with accuracy,E3para 9, feet foot, team safe

here are people ive beaten in a 1v1:


CHAOS007007007 (U mad bro, im in a streak 3-0)

nateruto1(5-1 win streak)



gordon 64 mary 63

also heres some things i think about of my friends:

K3VIN_BIEBER_651 : can sometimes rage, usually 1v1 each other often, is filipino and can speak tagalog, like my twin brother :P, the best partner for me in 2v2s( WE GOT EACH OTHERS BACK, DONT MESS WITH US MOTHERTRUCKER!!!) <3

Mazdaspeed-77: my canadian close friend, ranked 65 in the world, is the best person on my friends list, likes the song thrift shop, also if you go headup on this guy, he will rape you with his massive sexy awesome blindfiring skillz, never fight this guy in real life, hes a black belt in karate!

JediEmilon: a really good friend, has a thug life :I, is mexican, has kd of 1.55 (seems legit), leader of hail mary

SilverLamps: is also canadian,a japanese guy (WHY!?!?!?!?)a good guy, can be a total jerk to me sometimes

Lync10 /The_ReaL_Lync10:is like my little brother, positve by50 ( not that good sry),can be annoying to me and the others,overall i still love him (NO HOMO!!!),will always rage and say "YOLO" (only losers obey yolo XD)

DBlockInc: a funny guy, a epic pro, can make anyone laugh (even a guy with no humor!) LEADER OF MRDR

attack8523:leader of N7, extremely funny, filipino, has been in uncharted tv about 3 times in different accounts , will always have my back no matter what happens, has a sarcastic personality

EarL_WaGnA : can be a jerk sometimes,his race is italian, a really good playa in uc3,one of my trusted friends

nk:Leader of N7, he has a white voice even though he is indian and asian, a really nice leader,loves bo2 alot (maybe more than U3) will rage like $#!t

jsola50: hes anoying, nuff said

Wally: an australian (HELL YA!!!!), really skilled, a tricked shotter, doesnt play a lot of pubs, just me him on march 15 and is like ive known him a long time, this guys loves attack and hes his best friend

Crickethero:hmmm what can i say about him? he is awesome, hes japanese , hesin a video on uncharted 106, hes a great friend to have, he is the only person helping me since the tragedy of cz ,hes officially one of my best friends in the ps3, me and him wont ever disband cz and well keep it alive as long as possible, if you troll him or be mean to him, talk to me first and ill put some sense into you before you do anything to him, your a great friend cricket ,just like kevin <3

igimon:this guys is really unique, hes one of your average uc3 players,bbut thats not the unique part, this guy has been a lot through his life, he told me all about it, im always gonna protect him :D

ZkVirus: he doesnt have a fn, he goes to my school, hes one of my best friends thats supported me in my life, hes adhd but hes really funny,hes gonna get a mic

LORDEXODIA01: me and him had a history, hes in hi 5 (thats too damn boss),hes a shim, hes really good at uc3 and can blindfire the sniper like a boss

(if i forget anyone or have the wrong info,plz just private message me what i gotta fix)

many people dont know this but NEVER piss me off or ill get you back depending on the madness you got me , for example kevin bieber pissed me off, so i exposed him....


Black ops 2

i play this game also, i suck @ss cuz i got a.8 ratio :/

im in a clan with earl called proz 4 life and im a captain

i have a cousin thats one of the best trickshoters in the world (mico aka junechel)

my main guns are the mp7,vector,and remington

yup...i suck at bo2 :/

plz rate my profile 10 thx!!!


I-CodeRage-IMember Rating: Veteran's Friends

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