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Member Profile for [ A R T * ]

[ A R T * ]

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Thu, Mar 01 2012

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About Us:

[ A r t *]

---> Recruitment Status : INVITE ONLY!<---

Does a Art ever dies???

Gotta catch 'em all

- The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Melee Only Tournament - Champions
- RaptorA4's Swedish Legend Tournament - Champions
- Handrey's Blindfire Only Tournament - Champions
- KingWeah's #1 "Custumer" Tournament - Champions
- Team QuaD No Rules/Dignity Tournament - 2nd Place (QuaD Champions)
- K-A-M-U-Z's Wifebeater Tournament - Champions
- The Donate-Food-To-Team-QuaD Tournament - Champions
- Sandropoli's Rap Battle Tournament - 2nd place (Sandropoli Champion)
- Inception's Yemen WALKthrough Tournament - 2nd place (Inception Undefeated)
- Newtongamer's Non-American Tournament - Champions (Undercover as Russians)
- Bounty Hunter Tournament - Art* Champions after catching FRAUDS in B2K tourney
- Benujoggele's "You are fine brother?" Tournament - Champions
- Benujoggele's PrO_ Member Tournament - Champions
- ll-Sora-ll's Blame Teammates Tournament - 2nd Place (TS Champions)
- ticemack3's Bigmac Legend Tournament - Champions

DISCLAIMER: Inspired by mG's Accomplishments Section


~[ mG ] FUN FACTS!~
- mG holds the record for most losses to Art* in a single day (4 losses) due to their members splitting up and playing for different teams in attempt to get as many wins on Art* as possible. Quite unfortunately, of course, their plan backfired! We would've been busy grieving for them had we not been so delighted by their generosity to just hand out wins; thanks you tools!
- K-A-M-U-Z, wife-beater wearer extraordinaire, once beat his wife for eating the rest of his leftover taco from Taco Bell. This is a serious matter, mind you, for we have been told that K-A-M-U-Z typically only eats every other day - with hunger like that, no wonder he's always going negative!
- Antilose now suffers from severe back injuries due to always carrying the rest of the team in FN matches; Inception, FAL-SS legend, however, always manages to aid in balancing things out for his team!

- Rumor has it that Inception actually has super powers. Shocking, we know, we almost regret all of the times we insulted him, for with this possibility going around he's nobody to mess with. For all of you who insult him as well, don't ever forget that either, for when you're least expecting it he may just walk through the walls of your home and get you!
- And last but definitely not least (quite the contrary, this is our favorite), mG disbanded after being knocked out of two tournaments on the same weekend (Kelevra and winter playoffs). Ouch, bummer! With heavy losses like those right next to each other, it's no wonder they left as shamelessly as they did. I suppose you could say they "lost the way"!


- Our YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/clanuncharted/


One of the top teams in all of Uncharted, one of the most improved teams in all of Uncharted, and one of the top primarily North America-based teams on Uncharted - Art* is a team whom have made a name for themselves in the community. The idea of Art* first began when barryhains, Kibbals, kelvin362 and Zephren began considering the creation of a team on Uncharted 2. Art* was then established with a small team of players trying to get somewhere. With Uncharted 3 getting near, Art* did not get far in the Uncharted 2 landscape. With Uncharted 3 (a whole new landscape), Art* got their chance to make themselves known. With many early members and newcomers of the team, they together won a tournament held by Dakilla-2015- winning themselves the first Map Pack. Throughout the course of Uncharted 3, many players have joined and many players have left; an understandable cycle for any competitive team. No matter the slumps we're ever in, no matter the internal problems that may occur, Art* will always try its hardest to continue its lifespand and to retain what it has accomplished. We are passionate towards competitive play and yet we are also just a bunch of fun-loving gamers looking to have a good time. We are Art*.

Also, as of now we have joined the TLoU ladder.


Past Members (not forgotten)
- Chemical_X3
- Fredrique_H
- Kibbals
- matt__YOITE
- tripleWRECK
- Van-Halen_D-O-A
- xX-Royal-Ace-Xx
- Zephren

...Some others were forgotten lol I know we had more :o xD - Kelvin was here


Check out some of our videos; matches, edits, etc. Give them a watch.

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