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Member Profile for - [ P r O _ ] -

- [ P r O _ ] -

Team Created:

Sun, Mar 11 2012

Team Members:


Members From:

England Serbia Czech Republic Germany

IRC Server:

IRC Channel:

Home Page

Average Team Rating: 9.46 out of 10, based on 340 ratings.

94.6% Positive

About Us:

Recruiting Status: NOT

YouTube channel:        https://www.youtube.com/user/xTeamPrOxUC3

Team  [ PrO_ ]

[PrO_] initially began in the early days of uncharted two, where competition was arising and the uncharted franchise was starting to get noticed alot further. [PrO_] was established by dbarker99, whom still remains as the leader today. Such members like Mattyy90, Kmero, Kroatia-checker,  shrimp_23, Tight-Eyez__, iiMatty and many others followed behind him in the uncharted two experience. Their dominant role as individual players and remarkable chemistry led them to create a reputation for themselves.

Moving on to uncharted three, the success was transferred with a couple of new members including atif1234. There dominant reputation in uncharted three passed on, entering tournaments including BIG2KREW and many others. Reaching SEMI's several times allowed them to be a threatening team amongst the uncharted community. Their achievements on fraggednation added to this, dominating the first three seasons finishing in the top three successive times. This is summarised by their record on fraggednation which is among the top 2 in the world. We were joined by many other members who help elaborate this like xxcobraxvenomx, bahemonth, Str8_R1pN and jusnathan.

However as many of the members had proirities in their lives the clan began to shatter down after failure in many tournaments due to the lack of concern and bad organisation. This affected the clans reputation as it began to slip, many players were inactive from the game or PS3.

Just recently the clan was able to pick itself up again with some new recruitments like RejCZE and DuLLee14, old members returned in an attempt to re-create the clan in which the community once knew, this was victorious due to the accomplishment of the teams work..**the history is much long, detail wise but this was the brief summary of it**

and the story continues...

- Written by atif1234

About the players:

Mattyy90 - Has been in PrO_ for 3 years now,  a grand-player, never gives up. Just a beast with every weapon. He loves the FAL-SS.


RejCZE - You may know Rej by his remarkable t-bolt skills, an awesome objective based player. We see him as the best idol carrier ever!


Kroatia-checker - Don't get him mad (Fact!), all time great in uncharted two and three.A pretty ruthless sniper when it comes to FN's, you'll catch him using it alot.


DuLLee14 - Very good with the sniper and like always good communication. Has a very unique playstyle which makes him important in matches.

unchartedlbp7 - Good in all game mode types and a valuble asset to our roster. Has the most precise call-outs ever. A smart and skillful player.

atif1234 -  Awesome sniper and editor known as XenLEGACY.

Kmero - A dominant player. Doesn't play much PS3, but he used to be very good.


Current GOALS We've Set:

Uncharted 3:
- Become The Second Top Team On FraggedNation  [COMPLETED]
- Gain A 70 Winning Streak  [COMPLETED]
- Gain A 80 Winning Streak  [COMPLETED]
- Attain The World Record Win Streak & Still Going | 84  [COMPLETED]
- Win The UCL 2013 Tournament Playoffs As Team [EnVy]   [COMPLETED]

There are 4 members logged in, and 461 guest(s).
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medorMember Rating: Respectable, kenyettaluthy°, brovi_na_veter°, xxwxxwMember Rating: Credible°

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