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Member Profile for [MVP!] are Back!

[MVP!] are Back!

Team Created:

Thu, Feb 16 2012

Team Members:


Members From:

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Average Team Rating: 8.20 out of 10, based on 5 ratings.

82% Positive

About Us:

[ M V P ! ]

Team Information 
This is Team [MVP!] that stands for The Most Valuable Players. MVP! is a team that has had many different players throughout the time that it has been a clan. Throughout this time we have had many Ups where the most noticeable was coming 2nd in the Steel Series Tournament and we have our downfalls where we have become nowhere near as good as we used to be.

Currently we have just reformed the Team where we have a lot of players that have had experience in FN and been in different teams that have been successful. Through dedicated practice, our team will be able to flourish as it did before when we understand how to play as a team with communication and tactics being more effective and getting us the wins.

Although we are still considered as a inactive as we rarely play due to difficulties getting on or having enough players at that one time able to play, we do however like to play Fragged Nation Clan Battles on Friday, Saturday and Sunday as on those days is where non of the members have school to go to and so have time to get on the PS3 and Uncharted 3. Our preferred game-type is 4vs4 so we stress you to consider this when challenging us. We will always try to challenge any team with a 4vs4 and will keep insisting on it until we get a 4vs4. However there might be rare times where we accept 3vs3s if we really want to battle you or if we don't have sufficient members for a 4vs4 but still want to play.

Current Team Roster
  • Xx-Raptor-A4-xX
  • The_Barcadelft
  • BaLtic_ 
  • HurricaneHulme
  • DuLLee14
  • Wdan93
  • KevinHollow - Gone but not forgotten
  • jayjay275
  • RogerFedererNo1 - No one knows
  • xB3st_k1LeRz
  • DiVinE_KiLLeRx - Best german player!
  • FokuhilaJazzman
  • Sky-Mc
  • mazze123

Getting to know the players...

This part is just to describe the players abit more so you can see the information behind the current players in MVP!

Xx-Raptor-A4-xX: The Overlord of Uncharted 3, The God of Uncharted 3 and The Indestructible Immortal Force of Uncharted 3 are just some of the names Xx-Raptor-A4-xX is known for. It is believed that this godly figure can command the seas to rise at his will and destroy any person on the battlefield with one click of his finger, however this never happens in-game as it's banned in FN. He is also the founder of the clan [MVP!] and is one of the 4 main pillars behind MVP. He is also behind this Gangnam style remix: http://scenesat.com/relive/track-1-6B-3FF made with Reason 5.0 and voice samples from GangnamStyle and Gandalf style. He also loves to change his name almost every day on FN to something which is either very weird or very stupid (besides Gemini) OR very awesome and is not afraid to express his feelings towards people he likes or hates. 2 of his best friends are Vaishiyas and Synthax. He is also the one that changes logos and avatars, always has. Always will.. Will also never ever actually try against Art* because they are simply not worth the time of the the overlord of Uncharted 3. Recently, Xx-Raptor-A4-xX died in a plane crash and so he couldn't do any more Clan Battles on Fragged Nation and had to leave the team as with being dead, it's quite hard to play on a PS3. The accident involved him jumping off a roof and doing 123 rolls in the air before landing on pool of custard, he however only rolled 43 times and then the plane crashed into him, knocking him off course and into a pool of knives and a random assortment of pointy objects. However, Xx-Raptor-A4-xX got resurrected with no ears and thought by joining another clan he could get more beautiful ears then his previous ears in MVP!. However, he recently came back to MVP! and then had a Doctor stitch new ears onto to him that were made by HurricaneHulme with his recipe called "Comment obtenir oreilles parfaites".
The_Barcadelft: He loves to play Fifa 13 all day and rarely plays Uncharted 3, but secretly he is actually really bad at Fifa 13 and always fakes his scores.  He also loves to remind his fellow player HurricaneHulme that he has a corner fetish and that he is also attracted to walls. This is acknowledged by HurricaneHulme to tell The_Barcadelft to f*ck off. As The_Barcadelft drifts off to sleep, his mind runs wild with many different dreams and one fateful night he dreams about 2 words which are technically one word but still he dreams of "deutcschland deutcschland". As he awakes he orders for the "popular" song Friday Fahrenheit by Steinjo to be put into the About Us section so blame The_Barcadelft for Friday Fahrenheit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The_Barcadelft was the only person ever to get the "Hurc Award for Presidential Awesomeness". Barca is one of the main pillars of MVP.
BaLtic_: He is believed to be the most tryhard person in MVP! and has a current accuracy of 125% on every single gun, even with aiming the Kal-7, however this is seen on the battlefield as his head-up skills surpass anyone on the game as he beats them all head-up, even players not in the same match as him. He is also afraid of Raptor's rage which isnt really rage. Just like HurricaneHulme, when Raptor rages, he doesnt. BaLtic_ is also a Captain and Co-Leader with fellow members HurricaneHulme and DiVinE_KiLLeRx.
HurricaneHulme: The Mastermind of the World. HurricaneHulme likes to write stupidly long texts such as the one your reading to make people laugh and feel happy. Although HurricaneHulme doesn't rage, but when he does, he doesn't. However there have been times where he uncontrollably rages at numerous people which have made their headphones explode. HurricaneHulme does this even though he knows he is 100% wrong every time. He is also very fond of expressing himself whenever he can and likes to show how superior he is to anyone he meets by adding intelligent words. He likes James Bond theme songs and other music that range from Kasbian to Weird Al Yankovic. His favourite skin is Eddy Raja by far and he totally owns the rights to that skin and that no one else can use that skin in MVP! which is 100% correct. Spends less then 0.01% of his time on the PS3, HurricaneHulme is still a Captain somehow in MVP! and is a Co-Leader with his fellow team members, BaLtic_ and DiVinE_KiLLeRx. His skill has considerably dropped ever since the infamous G-Mal Nerf patch and now he is only a former shell of what he use to be. He is also the alter-ego of The Slenderman.
DuLLee14: He is known as the perfect troll on the battlefield. When playing DuLLee14 doesn't just like to own his enemies with quick-scopes, but also enjoys trolling them to the extreme which will increase the rage level to the level of HurricaneHulme. His most common way to make people rage is to quick-scope them and shout "HEAD-UP!" to them.
Wdan93: Probably the best player in MVP when he actually tries and doesn't complain about lag from various different players. Also lives in the same country as Xx-Raptor-A4_xX but they barely speak Swedish with each other because Xx-Raptor-A4-xX hates writing in it as he is a very lazy rabbit. He absolutely adores Raptor in every way and if he could, he would buy industrial strength adhesive (glue) to stick them together so their bond can be shown physically aswell as mentally. Wdan93 is one the main pillars that keeps MVP strong and in shape. He forgot the password to his first FN account so he had to start a new one, that is why it says that he joined recently however he is one of the very early members of MVP.
KevinHollow: He hails from the country called France. Every single match he has played he describes them all to be "genial" and that he also loves eating the very exquisite dish known as "Escargot avec Trois Poulets". He loves eating this why drinking his "Vin Rouge" beside the beautiful French Waters as the sunsets and casts crimson red on the flowing waters of the sea. He isn't in MVP! anymore but I will leave this in as he is an awesome player.
jayjay275: A fellow British Player to HurricaneHulme who describes as being "A Bad Kitty" which no one knows why. He has devoted love for the Assassin Creed, Batman, Crysis and Uncharted and would sacrifice anything to keep them going. He would even sacrifice his pet Velociraptor called Chub Chub to keep the passionate flame of the four series alight to provide players such as himself a well thought out story with twists and turns. He is also popular for beasting with his lag. 
RogerFedererNo1: His really name is Isdan Kraukadth Balenieth and he likes to play Tennis. However he has a secret shame is that he prefers Andy Murray to Roger Federer. Though he is passionate about his Tennis, he is also passionate at being a qualified Shoutbox Troll. He has the best qualifications for doing this and is the only one who is at this level of "Trollness". His most notable achievement is where he made exactly 3 people's head blow up to 2047 pieces at the exact same in the shoutbox. One of them being Raid2865. The 4th pillar of MVP, took Geosis123's spot a bit later on who is a guy that is a person who lives in a swamp called Bogleton. Along with BaLtic_, Xx-Raptor-A4-xX and Wdan93 he took down the clan [eMp] in plunder but also in the same Clan Battle pulled the worst score of all time in Team Objective. However it's the win that counts and they all did epicly awesome to gain their individual and teamwork greatness.
xB3st_k1LeRz: Not much is known about xB3st_k1LeRz, however numerous people believe that he actually works for the FBI and is only working undercover to find the truth behind the muting of Xx-Raptor-A4-xX. His evidence has found out that it was a magicial fairy called Tinkerbell that casted a spell of "Mute" on Xx-Raptor-A4-xX to mute him from the FN. He was unmuted when the spell wore off his account though he has no recollection of it whatsoever. Fact, Rumors or Drugs?? You decide what this information was from. 
DiVinE_KiLLeRx: He has rightly been known for being the "The Ultimate Killing Machine" and always strives for a perfect K/D ratio in Clan Battles. Though in Clan Battles he remains silent throughout, this shows the amount of concentration that he puts into every single second of the game. This is reflected by his performance in public matches, before the Anti-Rage Quitting Patch came out, DiVinE_KiLLeRx always raged quit if his K/D wasn't at least 23.45 in every match he played in. Any lower, he pulled the plug of his PS3 out. His rage is not from planet earth and because he hates all german players, all german players hate him.
FokuhilaJazzman: He is by far the best singer in MVP! and likes to make many different unique and talented tracks that are always up to a high standard when finished off. This reflects on how he is in Uncharted 3. He also hates long-walks on the beach but enjoys the sound of sight of a watermelon being put into a gigantic blender which is then turned onto maximum rotation speed. He then breaks-dance around the blender as the watermelon juices rain upon him. He has also recently gone on the work-out fitness exercise to maximise his training so he can reach peak physical condition in real-life and on the game.
Sky-Mc: Acquiring certain information from illegal corporations that hold information of different countries that can use this data as blackmail to keep other countries from doing any harm to them sufficiently. I have found a new perspective that made me clever enough to break into the vaults of MI6 and main data facility of the FBI. From narrowly escaping the clutches of both agencies and becoming a wanted fugitive in over 43 countries, I have found that the final information needed was located at Area 51. By executing a mass explosion at the main gate of Area 51, I was able to gain access  to the level 43, Sector C. On the door it read "Sky-Mc" . As I opened the leather suitcase that was located on a pedestal I found a note. It read the following. "Sky-Mc has many butt-buddies and likes to have a lot of sexy time time with them".
mazze123: One of the newest members of MVP!, mazze123 is a muscle-bound machine that runs on gasoline. He has the biggest arms in MVP! by far due to the intensive work-outs he does. It normally consists of 100,000 reps of press-ups and then 1 millions reps of bench pressing a family of dwarfs attached to his weights. However to achieve this incredible feat, mazze123 takes Dr Jimmy's Steroids which increases his muscle to produce nearly 234% increase in efficiency. However in the light of MVP!'s watch, we believe as a team that steroids are bad and so we hate mazze123 for taking them. However he has made up for this and formed a wrestling duo with his good friend FokuhilaJazzman called the Russian Fighting Bros [RFB] who are currently #1 in the FN World Championships of Wrestling. Last year they even beat the two teams whom were tipped to have equal and higher chance of winning then RFB which were barryhains and Xx-Raptor-A4-xX in their team called Unbreakable Bond [UBB] and tripleWRECK and Eugenides in their team called Raging Tryhards [-RT-]. mazze123 also has a very sexy t-shirt.

Video Section
If your bored, why not come and have a look at our completely random videos.

Here is a Team Deathmatch against PrO_ to show how we can play.

Here is another clan battle. This was a Plunder Match Vs Kira.

Here is a 3vs3 Team Objective match against the B2K Clan.

I proudly present the world's most watched video currently, Gangnam Style by PSY.

I unfortunately present to you the worst video ever to be on YouTube which is Friday Fahrenheit by Steinjo.
I proudly present the great Christopher Walken dancing to the beats of Fatboy Slim.

I proudly present the team's theme song, the Pokemon orignal theme tune.

(Some parts are written by Xx-Raptor-A4-xX like different Add-Ons to RogerFedererNo1's About Me, Wdan93's About Me and some random stuff which makes no sense about the pillars of MVP.)

There are 8 members logged in, and 393 guest(s).
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